One of Asia's Largest International Open Youth Tournaments

Five-Star Basketball Academy's South China Showcase hosts over 30 teams and almost 500 athletes for a weekend of intense, high caliber competition. Sponsored by Interglobo, teams travel from as Italy and Vietnam across five age-divisions from U10 through U18 to join the 3-day tournament.


While some teams are school affiliated, others are self organised looking to compete with the nation's best. The South China Showcase is open to all, and individuals or small groups are also welcome to register, as organisers will assign teams with an experienced Five-Star coach and provide ample practice time for players to get associated with one another. 

Teams first compete round robin style followed by a March Madness bracket as they progress towards being crowned the South China Showcase Champion. Individual awards, including MVP, Offensive Player of the Tournament and Defensive Player of the Tournament will also be crowned.


Year-round 3v3 Tournaments

Five-Star Basketball Academy's 3v3 Youth Player Tour consist of 3v3 basketball tournaments, officially endorsed by FIBA 3v3, held throughout the course of the year. Each tournament, held in Shenzhen Bay, has over 50 teams and 200 participates spread across age groups ranging from U8 to 18+. Heavily publicised with some of the best youth competition in South China, players compete round robin style, followed with a March Madness bracket to claim ultimate bragging rights, with additional awesome prizes, medals, and trophies.

Players have the option to sign up as a team of up to 4 players, and games are regulated based on official FIBA 3v3 rules. Additionally, players have the option to sign up individually, in which case Five-Star Sports will assign teams and provide ample practice time to let players get associated with each other. We are extremely proud to have brought together many friendships and long lasting teammates through the 3v3 Youth Player Tour.


Overnight 5-Day Camp 

Available year-round, Five-Star Basketball Academy's Ball Out Camps are intensive, 5-day overnight basketball immersion training programs designed with progressing all basketball players to the next step in their development. Under the guidance of elite level US coaching and a carefully structured schedule, the camps create an ideal learning environment for players to maximise efficiency in basketball training and attain their individual goals. Ball Out Camps are split into three talent divisions:

Camp Rookie

For players early in their basketball development looking to hone in their all around skillset.

Camp All Star

For players looking to develop their game through personalized coaching and high-level competition.


Camp MVP

For players demanding to elevate their basketball game to the next level.

A typical day at a Ball Out camp consists of over 3.5 hours of skills development training and over an hour of basketball competition. Players can expect to be on the court for 5-6 hours a day. Our campers live and breath basketball.



NBA Shooting Coach Dave Hopla

Each year, Five-Star Basketball Academy invites legendary shooting coach Dave Hopla, to run shooting clinics across the country. Alumni of Dave Hopla's shooting program include NBA Hall of Famers Kobe Bryant, Ray Allen, Dirk Nowitzki, and many more. Considered one of the greatest shooters of all time, Dave Hopla has additionally held shooting coaching positions with various NBA, WNBA, and NCAA teams, including the Toronto Raptors, Washington Wizards and New York Knicks.

Focusing on the fundamentals of form shooting, Shoot For Success clinics takes shooting back to its basics. Younger kids shoot on lowered rims to emphasise proper shooting form and dynamics. Every aspect of shooting is covered, from footwork to follow through, in various situations including catch-and-shoot and dribble pull-ups. Focus is placed on providing students as many repetitions as possible to create good habits and develop more consistent shooters. 

Dave Hopla is also a regular at our Ball Out Basketball camps and is involved with our Overseas trips to the United States. Shoot For Success shooting clinics are held in each of our major cities throughout the year.