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Justin Chen, former IMG Golf Director, appointed SVP of BD 太平松体育集团任命IMG前高尔夫总监-陈小恒为高级副总裁兼商务拓展负责人

April 20, 2021


PacificPine Sports, a leading provider of sports education in China, is pleased to announce the appointment of Justin Chen as Senior Vice President of Business Development overseeing the group's business development efforts. Justin joins PacificPine Sports from International Management Group (IMG) where he served as Director of Golf and Head of China Golf Operations as well as Tournament Director of the WGC-HSBC Championship since 2016. Justin has been with IMG since 2010 and brings over 13 years of sports management experience to PacificPine Sports. Justin will report to the group Co-CEOs, Joel Haines and Raymond Roessel.

Frank Au, Chairman of PacificPine Sports, comments "we are thrilled to add someone of Justin's stature to our senior management team. He will undoubtedly play a critical role in helping to lead our business development efforts as we continue to grow our business both geographically to more cities as well as vertically to more sports beyond our core sports of golf, basketball, football and tennis."

While at IMG, Justin successfully developed as an executive over a 10 year period and was eventually promoted to the Director of Golf role overseeing all of IMG’s golf business in China. During his tenure at IMG, Justin oversaw the coordination and execution of various IMG events, primarily focusing on Asia’s largest golf tournament - WGC-HSBC Championship, the PGA Tour’s premier event in the region. Aside from guiding IMG’s China efforts, Justin also supported other events and initiatives across Asia Pacific including multiple LPGA and other mass participation events.

PacificPine Sports Co-CEO Raymond Roessel added "I am excited to be working with Justin again. We were previously colleagues at World Sport Group and I hold him in the highest regard. Justin will be a huge asset to the group in helping to driving managed facilities, partnerships and government relations."

Justin is a graduate of Beijing Sports University with a Bachelors degree in Sports Management/Golf Management in 2007. He continued his education at Elmwood College, Scotland earning a Professional Development Award in Golf Management also in 2007. While in high school, Justin competed for the Guangdong provincial team as a 400 meter hurdler and played football from a young age. As a devoted father of three, an avid golfer, and ardent fan of the NBA and Serie A football, Justin will bring an unique passion for sports and an understanding as a parent to the group and will help the group achieve its mission of bringing world class sports education to China's youth.

Group Co-CEO Joel Haines added "Justin will be an integral member of our senior management team, leading both our school partnership development team and our new business development team. Justin will help us to execute our vision of engaging China’s youth with world-class structured sports programs and growing our grassroots to elite athlete development across all of our sports."

About PacificPine Sports

PacificPine Sports Group is a nationwide leading multi-sport youth academy program in China and provides a range of programming including after-school activities, club sports, leagues/tournaments, and holiday camps as well as facility/vendor management services. PacificPine Sports currently operates in four core sports of basketball, golf, tennis and football with over 6,000 students, over 70 coaches and over 70 locations in 11 cities nationwide. In basketball, PacificPine Sports operates under the Five-Star Basketball brand. In golf, PacificPine Sports operates under the PGA Youth Academy brand. PacificPine Sports is headquartered in Shenzhen, China.

中国领先的体育教育培训机构太平松体育集团日前宣布,任命陈小恒为集团高级副总裁兼商务拓展负责人,为集团的业务发展提供更多支持。在加入太平松体育集团前,陈小恒在国际管理集团(IMG)任职,从2016年开始担任高尔夫部门总监一职,负责中国区高尔夫的运营工作,是世锦赛-汇丰冠军赛的赛事总监。陈小恒拥有13年以上的体育管理经验,他的加入将为太平松体育集团的稳步发展锦上添花。陈小恒将直接向太平松体育集团两位首席执行官乔尔·海恩斯(Joel Haines)与雷蒙·罗塞尔(Raymond Roessel)汇报。

太平松体育集团董事长区国誉(Frank Au)表示:“我们很高兴陈小恒能够加入太平松体育,成为我们高级管理团队的重要一员。毫无疑问,陈小恒将在太平松体育的业务拓展和商务开发方面起到关键作用。我们将在中国的更多城市开展青少年体育教育培训业务,除了高尔夫、篮球、足球和网球等核心运动项目外,我们将发展更多体育项目。”


太平松体育集团联合首席执行官雷蒙·罗塞尔说:“我很高兴再次与陈小恒合作。我们以前曾在世界体育集团(World Sport Group)一起共事,我十分认可陈小恒的工作能力,他的加入将会为集团的场地运营、合作伙伴关系与政府关系拓展维护带来巨大助力。”

陈小恒于2007年毕业于北京体育大学,获得体育管理和高尔夫管理学士学位。毕业后他继续在苏格兰爱姆伍德学院(Elmwood College)进修,并于2007年获得高尔夫管理职业发展资质认证。


集团联席首席执行官乔尔·海恩斯(Joel Haines)补充说:“陈小恒作为我们高级管理团队的重要一员,他将直接带领学校合作伙伴关系开发团队和新业务开发团队拓展太平松体育的中国版图,帮助我们实现中国青少年与世界级体育培训项目接轨的愿景目标,使更多的中国孩子有机会从最开始就接触到标准、规范、一流的国际体育培训体系,助力他们强健体魄、强大精神,成长为精英运动员。”


太平松体育集团是中国领先的体育学院,涵盖多种运动项目,并为我们的合作伙伴提供一系列项目,包括课后课,俱乐部队,联赛/锦标赛,假期集训营以及设施/供应商管理服务。 太平松体育集团目前从事篮球、高尔夫、网球和足球四大核心运动,在全国11个城市拥有6,000多名学生,70多名教练和70多个教学地点。 在篮球方面,太平松体育以五星级篮球学院品牌经营。 在高尔夫方面,太平松体育集团以PGA青少年学院品牌经营,集团总部位于中国深圳。

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